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Nobody knows exactly when and why it occurred to them to create a group. It is possible that this was a natural result of the first successful experience of school online congratulations in the form of the popular New Year song Jingle Bells. Four funny eleven-year-olds from 5 A Severodvinsk gymnasium pretty coolly performed a new hit in 2014, and a cheerful crowd of their classmates ran and jumped around the school ( Success inspires, and soon the first performance of the new group took place, on February 22, the kids diligently and in all seriousness performed the world-wide hit Duran Duran in the processing of Status Quo - You're In The Army Now. Of course, the melody was distorted godlessly, but the video caused a sea of ​​positive emotions and simultaneously with a live performance, SViVS music was heard from all school rooms and even from the teacher's office.



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