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Andrew Robinson - Reggae - Sion, Switzerland | Music Discovery XO Artist Directory




Andrew Robinson

Reggae Music Artist
Sion, Switzerland

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About This Artist:

Andrew a born Jamaican, Was born in the year 1962 a very critical time in Jamaicas history,that was the year when Jamaica had gotten its independence from great Britain. Andrew hailed from the largest parish in Jamaica that is the parish of St Catherine spent most of his life there. Grew up with his seven other brothers and sisters with their mother a single parent. Andrews mother Hazel Redwood, she was also a singer at that time she worked with groups and solo singers like the Abersinians, Leroy Gibbon, Lester Lewis.O Paul and the Topas . Andrew started his music career in 1983 as a Gospel singer and Guitarist he then became popular very soon doing Concerts, Bar,B, Qs, and Conventoins. His very first performance out side of Jamaica was 1985 he did a gospel concert tour in the Grand Cayman Islands that was very successful . Then three years later in 1988 he recorded a cover version single entitled Crush, 1989 he then went to the North Coast on the Hotel circuit as a resident singer working six nights a week with the band United Stars, gained a welth of experience from the nightly performances and from watching other artist performing. He still was not satisfied because he new that he could sing much better than most of the guest artist that were doing shows on the circuit and he could also present a much better show. One night after he finished performing at the Club Caribbean Hotel he met this famous Jamaican singer by the name of Tony Gregory who was one of the few Jamaican singer back in the Eighties to hit the American Bill board chart, with the song entitled Gypsy He then proposed to Andrew to do some recordings, this was a big opportunity for Andrew He took the offer then went and recorded another single entitled, I Will Be Your Friend written and produced by Tony Gregory. The song I Will Be Your Friend was the turning point in Andrews music career, With so much air play he decided between 1991 and 1992 that he wanted to go solo and that he did he had gotten his first cabaret show at the same Hotel that he had started out as a resident singer . He did not stop there he created a storm on the North Coast performing at all the Sandals Hotels and even travel overseas every two weeks to represent the Sandals Group and also did the Super Club Hotels. In 1995 he received from the Jamaica Federation of Musician and Artist the award for the best Cabaret performer. In 1992 by request I Will Be Your Friend was played on Radio 24 Z├╝rich. Then in that same year he joined ranks with the legendary Reggae Group ( Kotch) they did songs like JEAN , HEAD OVER HEELS , CRUISING , BABY BABY , TEARS , WONDERFUL TONIGHT , songs that hit the number one charts in Jamaica , Canada , and Britain , produced by Kotch and Sly Dunbar, Andrew Robinson recorded the song Broken Wings as Kotch,s lead singer the song Broken Wings got great reviews as an old classic. That took them in 1999 on a tour in Hawaiian sponsored by Bud Weiser Beer. Artist who he met and worked with over the years. Tony Gregory , Randy Crawford , Dennis Brown , Garnet Silk , Papa San , Patrice , Professor Nuts , Marcia Griffits , Judi Moatt , Willy Stuwart X drummer from Third World , Lee Holeness , Lion Duncan , Nickoy Goldson , Richard Beckford , Desmond Meyer , Izrah Williams , Skarra Mucci , Lady Dawn , Ras Chamer , Cali P. Andrew did not go back to Jamaica after the tour in Hawaii he then went to Switzerland instead, to join his family there he found other Jamaicans , St Lutian , and South African musicians playing in a band call Vital Roots . He joined up with them and touring Switzerland extensively. Some of the places they Played on the Eleventh of July 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival with Vital Roots: Africa Integration Festival , Rohstofflager, etc. Seeing and hearing Andrew Robinson for your self is the best thing you could ever do thank you that you have taken the time to read this autobiography.



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