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Arta - Pop - Zurich, Switzerland | Music Discovery XO Artist Directory





Pop Music Artist
Zurich, Switzerland

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About This Artist:

Singer/Composer born and raised in Belgium, ARTA moved to Zürich from London 3 years ago. Her name means ‘Golden’ in the language of her ancestors and her experience and goals have always been international. She was the lead singer of rock bands(Otherwise, BE; Deeper, BE; Marvellous Inc., BE) at a very young age and even did the opening act of Avril Lavigne for the American Movie Days in Brussels a few years ago. She started her solo project in London. With unconventional keyboard sounds (MicroKorg), unique vocals, pop and oriental inspirations, ARTA aspires to seduce a new curious audience. 2021 was definitely an important year where she met the musician and producer Peter Borföi, founder of Klangkraft. Together, they recorded ‘UNMUTE’- her brand new single - at the famous 571Studios in Zürich. Please stay tuned.



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