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MWM - Hip Hop Producer - Arvika, Sweden | Music Discovery XO Artist Directory





Hip Hop Producer Music Music Producer
Arvika, Sweden

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About This Music Producer:

                      MWM | Supreme | MWM                                 my name is Mikael Wennerstrand, as Producer goes under MWM and my artist name is SUPREME M and a friend of mine started me up around after played in 2010 and started to produce music again. I have a big music family there my mothers grandfather got an medallion for composing music in Sweden from the Swedish king, King GUSTAF XI ADOLF and he also founded the county music school that now is a school for musicians in almost every town in SWEDEN and the biggest in Eskilstuna and growed around the world and have a stipendium in his name that is given to talented musicians every year. The John Norman Stipendium. He also took the flute in to the Swedish schools and gave every one the chance to learn music. He also made song lessons to the big Swedish Opera singer Folke Andersson and more that toured around the World. Sonora's recording leader Helge Round Quist and engineering Artur Rydin left in 1947 the record company



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